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friends cut

The usual stuff:
~ We grew apart
~ You don't comment on my entries, I don't comment on yours
~ Etc, etc, etc no hard feelings.
~ You were wearing sweatpants on a Monday. Or you are not wearing pink on a Wednesday.
~ Really tho, no hard feelings. I just post personal things here and I don't like lurkers :)
~ You can still talk to me on communites and etc, it is not like I hate you now... but maybe you hate me because I cut you? Idk, in that case, i don't care :)
~ Bye

ps: I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure I didn't delete you by accident. But comments are screened, just in case you want to bash me or whatever... go ahead.

AngelEfron & CuteWithAnimalsEfron thank you for your time :)

Tags: friends cut, hide ya kids hide ya wife
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